Oppie Koppie aims to provide state-of-the-art education to children from the vulnerable community of Prince Alfred’s Hamlet, located outside of Ceres in the Witzenberg Municipality.

Each child has a dream that should never be dimmed by the harsh realities of their current living situations. We appeal to you to team up with us and sponsor a child, sponsor a dream so that together we can keep their dreams alive!

Your sponsorship contribution goes towards providing the following for the children:
Educational Support, Nutritious meals, Clothing and toys

How to sponsor?View Children

What is Child Sponsorship?

Child sponsorship is a unique program by Vuya Foundation in partnership with Henkel South Africa that connects a child in need with one compassionate person like you!

Becoming a sponsor means giving children from the Oppie Koppie Creche the chance to grow up healthy, educated, and safe; forever changing their lives and future.

How do I sponsor?

You can donate on a once-off basis or a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual sponsorship payment. If you are looking to support us, but cannot make a monetary contribution, please email us and we can discuss how you would like to support.

When you have signed up to sponsor a child, you will receive a welcome letter and if making non-monetary contribution, details of how to send the donation will be shared with you.

As a sponsor, you will also receive a bi-annual update on your sponsored child, a special art and an updated photo.


View profile of children needing sponsorship.

Each child has a story and a dream, take a moment to read through and watch a short video they have prepared.

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Select a sponsorship plan which works best for you.

You can donate on a once off basis or on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual sponsorship payment. If you are looking to support us, but cannot make a monetary contribution, please email us and we can discuss how you would like to support.


Updates and Correspondence.

Vuya will contact you once payment is received. For all South African sponsors, you can also request a section 18A certificate. This allows a tax rebate from SARS
You can opt to receive regular updates on the development of the sponsored child. This includes school reports, photos, and a letter via email.
You can send a written message (200 words or less) to your sponsored child.

Meet the children

Aphola Ndeleni
Aphola lives with her parents is currently an only child. She is well spoken and the talker in class. At...
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Beaton Coetzee
Beaton lives within an extended family of 6. His favourite activities include colouring and playing outside. He loves the outdoors...
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Ashley-Gail Links
Ashley is a happy child who lives with her mother, brother, and her grandmother. Her favourite things to do include...
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Aldin Pieterse
Aldin is a lively 4-year-old who loves the outdoor life. Soccer is his favourite sport, so you’ll always fine him...
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Jaythin Hanse
Jaythin is a wonderful 4 year old boy who enjoys colouring and building blocks. Jaythin is a very serious little...
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Anelisa Mapolisa
Anelisa is an only child whose parents are seasonal farm workers. She is a very reserved and quiet young lady...
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Shuraan Tromp
Shuraan is a confident 4-year-old who lives with his mother and grandmother. He is always willing to assist when asked...
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Minentle Saule
Minentle is smart 4-year-old who currently lives with her parents. She enjoys showing her artistic side through painting and colouring...
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EJ van der Westhuizen
EJ lives with his mother and grandfather. He enjoys building blocks and playing in the jungle gym. He is a...
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Shalleeqah Sink
Shalleqah is a vibrant little girl who likes playing school with the dolls in the make-believe corner helping them to...
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Cayrick Kock
Cayrick lives with his mother and granny. He’s an only child and granny looks after him while mom works to...
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Matthew Hardnek
Matthew lives with his mother, grandparents, his aunt and her 2 children. He is very active and loves playing all...
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Charlton Farmer
Charlton is a quiet little boy who gets very creative with his building blocks. He lives with his parents, an...
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Praylin Davids
Praylin lives with her mommy, daddy, and her sister. While her parents are doing the best to provide for the...
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Jordan Boer
Jordan comes from a single parent family and currently lives with his mother, 2 brothers, and his grandparents. He loves...
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Hailey Muller
Hailey lives with her mother, grandmother and a cousin. Her favourite activities include building blocks and colouring in. She is...
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Mianay Sas
Mianay is a colourful and smart 4-year-old who lives with her mother, grandparents and 2 cousins. Mianay is a very...
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Sponsor a child


Sponsored children do not receive direct cash benefits. The donation is collectively used to achieve maximum effectiveness. Your contribution is combined with contributions from other caring sponsors to make life better for a sponsored child.

We encourage you to support the same child throughout their education for as long as you are able. This allows children to continue their education uninterrupted and facilitates a relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored children. We, therefore, urge you to commit to at least a 6-month sponsorship. Should you at any time decide to discontinue your sponsorship, please provide a month’s notice. Children are usually at Oppie Koppie for two to three years.

We try to match each child with one sponsor, however, based on the need of each child, multiple sponsors may be required.

Sending correspondence to your chosen child is completely optional. If you opt to send an email to the child, we make that process easy and efficient. Your encouragement to the child is highly valued