Oppie Koppie Pre-school is
a true success story

of what can happen when a community joins hands with an NGO,
local players and corporate sponsors.

Its story started in 2010, when there was a desperate need for an early childhood development facility in Prince Alfred Hamlet near the town of Ceres.

This poverty-stricken town is home to mostly seasonal farmworkers so unemployment is rife. With that comes a lot of neglect
Dez Jansen


A labour of love and German design

26 architecture students from the University of Aachen in Germany helped us construct a beautiful, eco-friendly building accommodating 75 children.

The perfect location and generous funding

The Witzenberg Municipality helped us secure an area of land with a 99-year lease to build the first-ever crèche for Prince Alfred Hamlet. Then came generous funding from long-term partner, Henkel – the German manufacturer of adhesive brands Pritt and Pattex, and hair cosmetic brand, Schwarzkopf.

Learning & playing with full tummies

Funding also helped us employ and train talented teachers from the area, kit out classrooms with educational tools and toys, and start a feeding scheme that provides children with three nutritious meals a day.

And as the need grew, we needed more space...

So in 2019, a new extension was unveiled that could accommodate a further 75 children. It was also the year when the first pupils who enrolled in 2010 entered high school – showing impressive academic results due to the strong foundation they were given at Oppie Koppie

Oppie Koppie has had a far-reaching effect on the community

Life skills taught at the school have had a positive ripple effect on parents and the community, instilling a sense of pride and dignity.

“Now we are seeing that children are actually educating their parents. Saying it’s wrong to drink or use drugs. It’s as if the school has instilled a sense of pride in the community.
Ronald Balie