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Success Stories

VUYA Foundation focuses on assisting those of our communities who need that bit of assistance to achieve their goals. These goals usually focus on improving their standard of living, completing or furthering their education, and helping other’s in their families or communities.

In our success stories section we will share with you some of the stories of those we at VUYA Foundation have assisted or are still assisting with recognising their dreams.

We looked forward to sharing many more of these success stories with you going forward and updating you on developments around some of the success stories that we have already shared.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013 00:00

Ciaren Fritz: A Dream Almost Lost

Ciaren's story is a heartbreaking one. Both Ciaren's parents passed away over a period of 3 years leaving him and his younger brother orphaned. At present both boys are in the care of their pensioner grandmother, who is struggling to support them on a meager pension.

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