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Our Vision

To be a catalyst to positively transform the capacity of individuals and communities through an educational and value-driven approach.



  • graduate

    To bring about positive developmental change through direct interventions in the lives of individuals through the implementation of educational bursaries.

  • partnership

    To identify and ally with social partners thus providing a more comprehensive network of resources and to serve as a talent-scouting entity for high-achievers in rural areas.

  • ecd

    To Foster Early Childhood Development (ECD) by building, operating or maintaining crèches, particularly in rural communities.

  • job creation

    To create jobs and SMMEs in rural areas through skills development and training programs for ABET (Adult Basic Education Training)

  • helping elderly

    To have the freedom to intervene in situations where needs are desperate and easily solved by a simple, once-off intervention for the sake of good will.