Magical Intervention

Mrs. Veronica Voyo

Every now and then the Vuya Foundation hears of a desperate situation that we simply must help to resolve. Mrs. Veronica Voyi is a 77 year-old blind woman whose only son works and lives in Johannesburg. She is, for the most part, alone during the day and has to fend for herself with no relatives to offer her support.

In July of this 2016, Mrs Isaacs, chairperson of the Vuya Foundation arranged for Mrs. Voyi to be seen by Dr. Carl Abrahamse an Ophthalmologist, based at the Rondebosch medical centre.


Dr. Abrahamse examined Mrs Voyi and his prognosis was that although she is blind in her right eye the eyesight in her left eye can be restored with the help of surgery!

The challenges in state hospitals mean that there is a formidable waiting list for surgeries exactly like the one that Veronica needs, but with the help of the Vuya Foundation, she has been placed on the waiting list for this surgery which will undoubtedly improver her quality of life and restore her independence.

We are happy to announce that Mrs. Voyi has since had the surgery on her eye and although they could only operate on one eye her eyesight in her left eye has been restored!

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