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Ciaren Fritz : A Dream Almost Lost

Ciaren's story is a heartbreaking one. Both Ciaren's parents passed away over a period of 3 years leaving him and his younger brother orphaned. At present both boys are in the care of their pensioner grandmother, who is struggling to support them on a meager pension.
Ciaren Fritz first came to the Vuya Foundation’s attention in 2012 through a gentleman named Chris Hansen, then Student Enrolment Manager at the University of the Western Cape. Ciaren’s story is very tragic as he lost both his parent very suddenly and was left with a large outstanding fee on his tuition fees. Without the support of a parents and no real way to pay for his fees, Ciaren was in desperate need of help.
He was half way through his degree in Sports Science and Recreation when the Vuya Foundation recognized this young man’s hardship and decided to step in. Although offering financial support could never make up for the loss of his folks Ciaren has been able to focus on his academics and has been a straight-A student. He has demonstrated drive and discipline in his studies and is a role model to his peers. We are also proud to say that he has officially graduated with his degree in Sports Science and Recreation from the University of the Western Cape in March 2014! Ciaren is currently exploring options in the Sports Science field and is working part time to gain working world experience.
The Vuya Foundation is also looking for possible career options for Ciaren and is confident he will find his feet in a career which will best utilize his training. Any and all help is appreciated so if you know of anybody that may be interested in Ciaren's story or field of study and possible employment, please do not hessitate to get hold of us at the Vuya Foundation.

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